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Simeon Hurwitz

Green Star Contractors

Agricultural Contracting Services

Green Star Contractors takes care of our internal agricultural farming activities where we produce a variety of crops as well as grass and silage-based feed on approximately 3 500 hectares. We make use of modern, large scale and efficient equipment that embraces as much technology and precision as possible. This division is also often called upon to provide turn-key services to other farmers within the broad field of agricultural activities.

Our specialty and core focus within the contracting division is definitely in the field of silage and fodder production. We maintain a national footprint where we produce the highest quality silage from many different types of crops and grasses throughout the year with an exceptionally large and well mechanized fleet of specialized equipment. This also includes the silage bagging function which we pioneered in the country and which also includes our Budissa Bag Africa division where we represent the German Budissa Bag company here in SA as their local importer and distributor. Green Star Contractors also has a wide fleet of transport equipment catering for all transportation requirements from low bed to cattle to fodder to grain carrying trailers.

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