At Hurwitz Feedlot we source calves directly from farmers within the country. These calves are fed for approximately 150 days, eating on average between 10kg – 12kg of scientifically formulated balanced grain based feed per day. They should grow between 1.5kg & 1.9kg per day depending on the gender, breed characteristics and genetic material until an average market weight of between 460kg and 500kg.


If you buy your Boran or Droughtmaster bull from Hurwitz Farming, we will buy their calves from you for the feedlot at a premium.

Every load of entry cattle is unique, requiring special attention in monitoring of health and nutrition. We ensure the highest quality of care and comfort to cattle to minimize health problems. Upon arrival, the cattle are fed a high quality starter ration with access to high volumes of clean fresh water.

The feedlot environment undergoes continuous maintenance throughout the year. Activities range from several times a day to daily events to ensure presentation of clean water and highly palatable feed to cattle.

As cattle enter the feedlot they are fed, identified and sorted according to a specific feeding program. Once these cattle are rested they are treated and sorted into feeding kraals. The feeding ration is scientifically formulated to maintain healthy cattle with the ability to convert nutritious grain based mixed feed in to A grade beef. Much of the raw materials required for the various rations are produced by ourselves on the farm through our agricultural production division and are stored for use throughout the year.

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