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6 August - Hurwitz Production Auction


11 October - Hurwitz Summer Sale


The final catalogue for our 8th Annual Boran Production Auction.

We are exceptionally proud of the selection of cattle we are presenting on this auction and once again believe that there is truly “something for everyone”.

The overall phenotype, the general balance of the cattle and the genetic mixture representing 37 of the 50 lots sired by different herd sires is something to behold and a credit to the principles of dedication and discipline that we manage our herd under on a daily basis.

We are humbled by the generosity of our amazing sponsors and in particular to Claas South Africa, Kempston Agri and Trekland as our headline sponsors once again.

On behalf of Jarren, myself and all involved at Hurwitz Farming, we look forward to welcoming you all next Saturday morning to The Bull Ring or online and can’t wait to share these majestic cattle with you.

Travel safely!!!

Boran Stud South Africa

Hurwitz Studs

Hurwitz Farming is proud to be listed as a recognised Boran Cattle Stud Breeder by the Boran Cattle Breeders Society of South Africa with participant code being 0490919BOR. We host multiple auctions during the year and we welcome buying and selling of cattle throughout the year.

Cattle Auction house

The Bull Ring Auction House

The Bull Ring Auction House is a top class livestock auction event arena. We host multiple production and bull auctions throughout the year. The facility is open for rent to the public and we can assist farmers and organisations to host memorable livestock auctions.

Silage Contracting

Green Star Contractors

Green Star Contractors can assist, manage and deliver all services regarding crops. This includes planting, harvesting, seedbed preparation, crop spraying, silage and fertilizing. Our focus is silage contracting and we are the largest silage contractors in South Africa

Budissa Bag Africa

Our silage bags is an efficient, flexible and environmentally compatible technology to conserve and to store feed stuff of all kind. Our Budissa Silage bags compliments the wonderful work we do as a silage contracting company.

Cattle Feedlot

Our feedlot environment undergoes continuous maintenance throughout the year. Activities range from several times a day to daily events to insure presentation of clean water and highly palatable feed to cattle.

Quarantine Centre

The only private quarantine station registered in Mpumalanga. Registered quarantine limits are few and far between in South Africa, and the new Hurwitz quarantine facility is also open to other farmers.
We only provide the physical infrastructure and contracts professional services such as veterinary assistance. We facilitate the import and export of semen and embryos.

Hurwitz Beef

At Hurwitz Beef we are able to offer products and services covering a wide spectrum. These include the supply of whole carcasses incorporating full sides as well as fore and hind quarters, large wholesale cuts such as whole buttocks, rump and loins,
T-bone racks as well as bulk primal cuts such as Fillet, Rump, Sirloin etc.


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