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Fast Facts

Calves for feeding are sourced from all over South Africa.

Cattle are fed for approximately 140 days and then marketed.

The cattle eat 12 – 14 kg of feed per day.

The cattle consume 30 – 40 litres of water per day.

The cattle grow at an average rate of 1.5 – 1.6 kg per day.

Animals are marketed with a live average weight of 400 – 440 kg.

Our Feedlot

Every load of entry cattle is unique, requiring special attention in monitoring of health and nutrition. We ensure the highest quality of care and comfort to cattle to minimize health problems. Upon arrival, the cattle are fed a high quality starter ration with access to high volumes of clean fresh water. Cattle are sourced through cattle sale yards and farmers across South Africa.

The feedlot environment undergoes continuous maintenance throughout the year. Activities range from several times a day to daily events to insure presentation of clean water and highly palatable feed to cattle.

As cattle enter the feedlot they are fed, identified, treated and sorted according to a specific feeding program. Once these cattle are rested they are treated and sorted accordingly for specific feed management programs. The feeding ration consists of maize grain, lucerne, hay, minerals and feed additives, as well as numerous by-products including: hominy chop, wheat bran, corn gluten meal, molasses, whole cottonseed, cottonseed meal oil cake, palm kernel oil cake, and copra oil cake. Hurwitz Farming grows as well as contracts maize silage and hay from local farmers to be used in the feed ration for the feedlot.

Cattle enter the feedlot at approximately 220kg per head, grow at an average of 1.5kg per day to an exit market weight of 430kg per head.


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