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About Hurwitz Farming

Hurwitz farming, situated in Davel, Mpumalanga is a leading agricultural organisation built on family values where the concept of divisional integration and diversity are core to the business fundamentals.
The main farming activities are divisionalized into beef production, crop farming and agricultural contracting. The beef production consists of a cattle feedlot, general livestock farming incorporating both stud and commercial cattle and a deboning plant. The crop farming section comprises of planting and harvesting mixed crops for various forms of food production and the agricultural contracting division provides a full turn-key service of various agricultural operations to commercial farmers with a speciality in the production and creation of various forms of silage.
The operation was established by Dr. Barney Hurwitz on the farms Hamelfontein and Uitzicht in the Davel district of Ermelo, Mpumalanga in the mid 1980’s. Under the leadership and guidance of the late Dr. Barney Hurwitz’s two grandsons Simeon & Jarren, the organization has changed and expanded significantly and has evolved into one of the leading agricultural companies in South Africa.

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Boran Cattle

One of the pioneers of the Boran breed in South Africa, Hurwitz Farming has been associated with this breed of cattle for almost 30 years now. The herd was originally established in 1993 with the importation of embryos from the rare Mafundzalo herd in Zambia, and has developed into the largest registered herd of Boran cattle in the world.
The Boran herd provides the backbone of the entire organization and pivots around the annual auctions, which usually take place on the first weekend of August and the second week of October. Cattle are sold throughout the year to both the stud and commercial markets.  Hurwitz Farming will pay a premium price for the progeny of Boran bulls bought from them, and these calves are used in their feedlot.

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